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How much sin is there left for me to absorb
Can I create more?
How much sin can I create if I can create sin?
How much sin do I have?
How much sin will I need?
"Hey,Athens!",a familiar voice called out.(y/n) sighed as they looked up at the smiling Turkish man,"What is it?",they asked,obviously irritated,"Wow,just like your dad,huh?Well,I was wonderin,",he paused shortly,"if you to go on a date sometime?", he asked sheepishly.
"Fine",(y/n) said,"Oh,c'mon!Give me chance!Wait,",he paused,"You said yes?", he asked in disbelief,"Not my exact words,but something along those lines,yes.",a large smile appeared on the Turkish man's face,"Soooo,you DO like me!", he exclaimed,"I never said that.",(y/n) replied,"B-but,you said you'd go on a date with me!",Turkey said,"That doesn't automatically mean I like you.",(y/n) said with a playful time in their voice,"And,",(y/n) signaled to their left.Where their father,the nation of Greece,was walking,"He's right there!",(y/n) said in a whisper,"Ohhhhhh.", Turkey said in understanding,"I get it now!", he chuckled lightly before Greece saw them,"Say away from my kid!", he called out,"Might wanna leave now.",(y/n) said to their friend,"Got it!", he said,"Wait!",he said as he began to take of his green jacket,"Might wanna wear this.Heard it was gonna get cold!",Turkey said with a smile.As (y/n) took the jacket Greece had already made his way towards the two,"Leave them alone!", he yelled at Turkey,"I don't think I was botherin them!Was I (y/n)?", Turkey turned to you for back up,"Leave me outta this!",(y/n) replied whilst holding their hands up in defense.A small scowl came upon Turkey's face as he heard those worry,but was quickly taken down when (y/n) came up & pecked their cheek,"Next Friday sound good for you?",they asked in a whisper,"Yep!", Turkey replied with a smile,"A-Athens...T-Turkey.....",Greece stuttered in confusion.A small giggle came out of his childs mouth,"See you two later,kay?", they said as they walked away,"You did something to Athens!", Greece yelled at Turkey,"The only thing I did was ask em out!",(y/n) rolled their eyes at their father & new boyfriend's bickering,I'm the youngest yet most mature!'
"Gupta!",a familier voice called,"Huh?Oh,h-hey Tonia.",Gupta said,"Didn't dad tell you to call me Rome?",Gupta's older sister said,"I'll s-start calling you 'R-Rome' when you start calling me,",he pointed to himself,"Egypt!", he said.Tonia ruffled his short brown hair,& sat down next to him,"Signor Ottoman isn't stopping,Is he?",Tonia asked her younger brother.Cutting the playful façade,"N-no.I d- dont think so.", she looked at her younger brother with dispair in her brown eyes,"Gupta,",she said quietly,"I'm scared.", she admitted.She had never been scared.To her,fear was just another useless emotion,"I-its okay,Tonia",Gupta said but,he knew.He knew that it wouldn't be okay.Sadik Adnan was planning something,& it was scaring them both.Nothing would protect them from their fate.
~time skip 3months~
"Give them back,bastard!",Tonia yelled with tears in her eyes as she put her hand to her face in an effort to stop the bleeding from the cut Sadik had given her,"Give them back or else!", Gupta was right.Sadik WAS planning something.Something that was going to ruin his sister's life,"Hahahah!Look at you!Trying to do a MAN'S job,ha!",Sadik mocked 'Leave her alone,jerk..',Gupta thought,"Give mi fratellinos back!Por favore.... pl-please...",Tonia begged.She then collapsed to the ground.A pathetic pile of tears & angst,"A-Rome!",Heracles,one of Gupta's brothers,called,"You assbut!", He said to Sadik as he carried the two away," hurt my sister!",Heracles tried his hardest to wrigle free of the Ottoman's grasp,but he held him to tight,"She'll get over it!",Sadik said coldly,"Might wanna worry about your dad!",Sadik said,"Losing two kids in one day must be tough!", he then laughed his cold hearted laugh,"D-dont you D-DARE talk a-about our father like that!", Gupta finally spoke,"Huh?Oh look,little boy's got a voice,eh?", Sadik said cruelly,"Y-yes h-I do!", Gupta said,"A-and this voice'll b-bring you d-down!",he stared up at Sadik.His hatred burning in his eyes.'Please be alright,Tonia.',Gupta thought.
~time skip 100yrs(?)~
One-hundred years.One-hundred years was all it took for Sadik to agree to allow Gupta,Heracles,& Vlad to see their big sister.Little did they know she was bearing a child,"A baby?!",the three said in unison,"Si,Gaul's.Aren't you excited?You are to be uncle's!", Tonia said with a smile,"Well,we ARE happy sis, but are you sure you're cut out for this?",Vlad asked,"Yeah....babies take....a lot of work,no?",Heracles said 'As long as Tonia is happy,I am happy.',Gupta thought to himself.He hasn't talked a lot since the day Sadik took him,"Well,I don't care if you think I can't handle this.This is the girl who beat up a wolf to save your sorry buts!", Tonia said while laughing.She then put her hand to her noticeable bump on her stomach,"I only wish that they could have met their father...", Tonia said quietly,almost a whisper,but to those who listened,it could be heard 'Im sure it will.One say,we will all see it's father.', Gupta thought to himself,"Gupta?", Tonia said,bringing him back from his daydream,"Hm?Oh,y-yes?",Gupta said nervously,"Are you okay?You are quieter than usual, is something wrong?", Tonia asked.Gupta smiled & shook his head,"No.Im fine,just thinking about the baby.", Gupta said as he put his hand on his sister's stomach,"Oh,a boy!Seems like a strong one,eh?", Gupta said with a chuckle,"Gupta!", Tonia said in shock & slight annoyance,"I wanted it to be a surprise!", She chuckled & hit Gupta's arm slightly,"How'd you even learn how to do that?",Vlad asked,"I d'know.Just kinda...happened.",Gupta replied.Still confused on how he figured out he was going to have a nephew,"No matter what gender.....that baby is my family......i would love it no matter what.",Heracles said in his slow & deep voice.'S much has changed',Gupta and Tonia both thought 'But',the two looked at eachother 'I still have him''I still have her'
~time skip 300yrs(?)~
Four-hundred years.Four-hundred years was how long it took for the siblings to be reunited once more.France & Spain were teenagers now,Romano-heir to Great Rome's riches-was no longer a toddler,& little Italy was just beginning to understand the world, but that wasn't the only thing that was happening.The three brothers Tonia thinks so fondly of have finally gained their independence,& are their own countries,"T-Tonia!", the three called out when they saw their sister.They tackled her to the ground with hugs & kisses,"I-We m-missed you.", Gupta said with a soft smile,"I missed you three too!Now,c'mon!Papa would want to see you three.", She then grabbed the youngest two,Heracles & Vlad,by the collors of their shirts,& led them to their father."G- Gupta!",Vlad called out to his older brother,"You coming?",Vlad asked,"Y-yeah.Be there in a sec.",Gupta closed his eyes,trying to recall his father's face,but all he can remember about a father is Sadik.'Who taught me how to fight?',Gupta thought,hoping to get an image of his father, but it was Sadik 'How to cook?',again,only Sadik,"Ugh!",Gupta yelled out in annoyance.He looked around hoping nobody heard him,& was relived when he realized no one was in ear shot.He then ran up to his siblings to go see his father.
~time skip 1hrs~
"Lovi,where is Nonno?",Antonia asked,"Huh?Oh,he took-a Feliciano some-a where.",the small brunette answered,"Also,",Lovino pointed at the brothers,"who are these-a guys?",Heracles crouched down in front of his nephew,"My house isn't that far from here.I'm your uncle...", He said in his low monotone voice.Vlad quickly walked over to his nephew with a smile,"Salut!My name's,Vlad.I am also your uncle!",Lovi looked at Gupta and said,"I-a already know-a who you-a are.You're Signor Egypt,no?",Gupta had a surprised look on his face 'How does this kid know who I am?',"Uh,yeah.I-Im Egypt.Another one of your uncle's.", Gupta said nervously,"I have a lot of uncle's then!",Tonia picked up her son and said to him,"Lovi,do you know where Nonno took Feli?",Lovi shook his head,"All I know is he took-a him to 'Make-a sure history doesn't-a repeat its-a self'", the quartet had grim looks on their faces.They've heard the story.On how Rome came to be.They also know that their father,Romulus,had killed his brother for nationhood.'Dad didn't want Lovi to do the same.', Gupta thought,"What's-a wrong-a with you guys?",Lovi asked in confusion,"N-nothing..", Tonia said,"Lovino,can I talk to your uncle's?In private,por favore?", Tonia asked him.Lovi nodded and left his mother's grasp,& walked towards a feild not to far away.Tonia turned to her brothers,"So,Papa took Feli,eh?", Tonia asked with tears forming in her eyes,"I suppose so...", Heracles said,"What makes him think that little guy would do the same thing?",Vlad said,"He didn't do that with us!", Vlad exclaimed,"And he took your child without your consent,Tonia.", Gupta added,"What makes him think Lovi is like him?!", Tonia screamed out,"What makes him think that Lovino would do the same?!",tears streaming down her face as she collapsed to the ground,"I-I just got y- you back!A-And I've already...l-lost someone else!",Heracles,Vlad,& Gupta pulled their sister into a warm embrace,"Shhh,shhhh,it's okay...",Vlad whispered,"You'll get him back...", Heracles added.Gupta didn't say anything.He couldn't.What could he say,anyways?He doesn't know what it's like to lose a child,"T-Tonia.....", Gupta whispered,"Everything will be okay....",Tonia looked up at him,& tackled him to the ground with a hug.She gripped his shirt,& cryed into his chest.Gupta held her.Soothing her as Heracles & Vlad tried to keep Lovi away from the area,"Ti amo,fratellino....", Tonia murmered,"I love you too,Antonia."
My brother,My sister (Egypt x Hetalia OC)
Antonia Vargas(Rome/Tonia)©Me
I am SUPER sorry of the dates aren't correct,but I dont have my history book on me,& I don't trust Wikipedia.
Louisiana OC by TigerKittyDudrii
Louisiana OC
Name: Jean Bonnefoy
Age: 20
Personality: Jean is a rather playful & flirty state.He is also very active,& loyal to his family.He may seem happy-go-lucky most of the time,just he actually has a lot on his mind.He had a large scar down his back from hurricane Katrina & is very self conscious about it.He's never had a serious relationship before,but is hoping to get one in the future.He is also a major Disney fan,but he HATES the princess & the frog.His favourite Disney movie is 'The Road to El Dorado'
France: Founded Louisiana & is his father.Jean got his flirty side from him,& would do anything for his father.He HATES it when people call him a rapist it anything of the sort,& will actually fight you if you say that,& trust me.He will win.
Spain: Oh why hello kidnapper.Spain took Jean away from his father & he will never forgive him for that.He still looks up to Spain, though.Being able to deal with all of those kids must've been hard on the old man.
Texas: The two are frienmies,but are more friends.During the America Civil War Texas made sure that Jean wasn't hurt by confederate soldiers(he was often mistaken for a slave due to his dark skin),the two often get together and TURN SHIT UP.
Mississippi:"He helps me and Tex blow shit up."
America: America took in Jean & taught home English.Jean only sees America as an older brother,though.
The 11 state's that came from him: They're his babies!He doesn't care if he wasn't old enough to be a parent when they came along,they're his children.He trys his hardest to be a good father,but ultimately fails.
Louisiana OC©ME
Say hi to craw-daddy guys.


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I am a art hobbyist living in Texas.I like reading & writing action,historical fiction,& comedy.I'm not that intresting,but I am a Libra.

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